Conan Exiles Safe-EU-Server Startup

My name is Ryan (ZypheREvolved in gaming) and I’m typing plans for a private EU Conan Exiles server that will start up in a different way from most. The approach I’m going to publish below has the aim of ensuring a long lifespan determined by the community and not a single power-tripping administrator. This plan is a long-shot because it needs around 40 players to get excited and say yes to paying a small fee, but it is worth discussing.

Server Policy

There will be a detailed server policy (rules, terms and conditions). These would apply to administrators, not just visitors. Policies aimed at administrators would include rules to prevent admin access being used to cheat and make the game easy for themselves or friends. This is important for fairness and I’m considering public logs of administration actions for maximum transparency.

Server Funding

Annual costs would be split between members (around $20 per player for 365 days), reducing the size of any risk you might feel you have. This will be a membership approach that offers perks i.e. slots would be reserved by controlling the ratio of free/paid players that can log in.

I’m also considering an annual gift of something that is hard to obtain i.e. a very rare thrall! This will be the one time that administration powers are…abused!  

Selection of the best server technology would mean an extra cost of around £300/$385  per year but well worth it. Obviously, to raise so much money I need to build trust using my online credentials. First I need verbal pledges and then when those all add-up I will give the word to make payments. This might be done using my existing ZypheREvolved profile on but discussions and server communication will be done on Discord (yet to be set up).

EU Conan Exiles server cost at gtxgaming

Total annual fee on the chosen service. This total divided by the first 40 hard-core Conan Exiles players, will give them equal ownership of the server. My hope is that this will create respect. No power-tripping administrator and no risk of a sudden shutdown due to financial problems.

Server Configuration

I felt that the official PvE Conflict server (1040) I played on for weeks ran well without an administrator. Server 1040 managed to exist all this time without any key locations or resources being blocked and on this basis, I don’t believe in babysitting the server. That said there will be procedures covered within the server’s policy for dealing with issues.

Configuration Ideas

These are some ideas I have for creating the server I think most players wish to play on and there is no way to achieve it without some small mods. Let me know what you think…

  1. Main bases – Ability to designate a “main” base using a special none destructible item placed inside the base. The main base would have extended decay (I’m thinking 12 weeks) and be none damageable by everything apart from the purge.
  2. Thralls – no starvation, food would only be consumed when thralls take damage. Their recovery speed would greatly increase. Their default recovery won’t be changed. I strongly believe that this approach is the first step towards creating a sustainable siege scenario.
  3. Optional PvP – paying members would have the ability to opt out of PvP (they cannot harm another player, they cannot be harmed). PvP would be 24 hours, with the ability to damage none main bases during that time. Keep in mind, a clan of five members could have five main bases. So the ability to actually limit damage would be much like an official PvE Conflict server.
  4. Reduced Looting – players will maintain most of their inventory on respawning. No more running back to your body. The price for this time saver and security is that one worn/held item will be randomly dropped for the winner to loot. This creates a bigger incentive to attack stronger players and reduces the idea of PvP being used to get easy materials.
  5. Craft Obelisks – why not? Obelisks will be craftable but not easily (much more mats than a map). The placement of an obelisk should be a big deal. An obelisk would be accessible for the purpose of crafting a special placeable item that allows teleportation to that obelisk.

Conan Exiles Mods Weekly - Naked Thralls on Wheel

Eventually less travel, a software PvP that still has some reward, the ability to setup warzones where we can all damage one another’s placements without worrying about our more important bases.

My Background

My time as ZypheREvolved is split between playing games and working with/for people who take gaming very seriously. I do this by providing plugin solutions on WordPress and I work with full-time streamers who are good enough to make a full-time living on Twitch. I began this work after studying at the University of Abertay in Dundee, Scotland.

I obviously take gaming seriously, just not always as a player but as a web developer providing online solutions for streamers. It means there are potential benefits to playing games and taking it further than just playing for fun. My digital footprint is everywhere, I’m easy to find. Start with my LinkedIn profile and then check out all the trolling comments I’ve posted on YouTube…just kidding! The next best step is checking my page.

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles, another survival game, another failure some say, criticised by myself on plenty occasions (as a gamer trying to find an hour…well 500 hours of joy), but somehow as a developer who likes to be fair…I understand the projects status and the developer’s approach. Funcom, the creators of Conan Exiles, have a business to run and they needed to make a lot of money fast. So they created this Conan (sandbox) game within two years.

They created a good game, they provided enough free servers for many months, allowing players to get their money-worth (in most cases) and offline play is possible when those servers begin to shut down due to low population. Everyone agrees that the game is good, has huge potential and we are now waiting on more updates (animal taming coming soon). Sadly though, there are still too many bugs that cause frustration and need an administrator to correct.

That is where private servers and clever mods will come in.

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